Sunday, January 15, 2012

Greek Computer Whiz: data-mining for tax evaders?

A very earnest Greek computer scientist offered a plan to catch tax evaders.  But, according to NPR, the local Greek revenue offices are so corrupt that they turn a blind eye, having no interest in his useful tool.

A heart warming effort worthy of a high school civics class... if you believe your state is going to survive and you believe that it has the capacity to use the extra revenue wisely.

I wouldn't put my money on the Greek state regaining it's capacity to meaningfully provide public services to the Greek people.  And given yesterday's Eurozone bond down-grades, Greece is not the only Western country whose rulers are likely to have trouble keeping their promises to their voters.  I wonder how long people's primary loyalties will remain with a formerly 'first world' state absent basic services?

I hope the Greek disease is not contagious, but I bet it is.

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