Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bryn Athyn could easily be resilient

Well, maybe not 'easily'...but a lot easier than many places!

Check out John Robb's description - sounds pretty close to my hometown, Bryn Athyn, PA... especially with the Cathedral shops, the new Redmile teaching garden, and ongoing discussion/support for creating a nearby CSA:


Robb says in part (referring to what makes a home valuable in the current 'depression'):

New model:

  • Is the home located in a viable community? One that you could work with to solve problems as they emerge?
  • Is there a strong tradition of entrepreneurship in the community such that it allows the fast formation of new ventures?
  • Is the community defensible? Considerations include geographical footprint, proximity to cities, entry/exit, etc.
  • Does the community have arable land available for food production? There are so many factors here, it would take a book just to explore them.
  • Can the home produce energy? Does it have solar PV or solar hot water? Does it use geothermal heating/cooling?
  • Does the home have sufficient space for or already mature gardens?
  • Is the home's connection to the electricity grid bi-directional?
  • Is the connectivity to the global network both redundant and fast?
  • Does the home have room for a workshop?
  • Are the real estate taxes low enough to avoid liens in the event of inevitable job loss (by at least one of the members of the household) or a reduction in pay?