Friday, January 27, 2012

Forest Gardening

Gardening for lazy people... that's what I need.  The labor and planning is front-loaded: it takes more work to get started than just putting in a basic garden with a few annual veggies.  But the long-term payback is much higher, with much lower ongoing input.  The magic comes from mimicking a young forest to grow a variety of useful perennial plants and trees that are good for food or support the micro-environment of your developing forest garden.  And it can be done on a very small scale or on a much larger plot of land.

Lincoln Smith offers his next forest gardening course in April.  He is passionate and very knowledgeable.

FOREST GARDEN WEEKEND – Registration Open for Spring 2012 - Click to Sign Up
How to grow a forest garden, the best thing you can do with your land. Learn how to 
harmonize your environment and your goals into a garden-ecosystem that is bountiful and 
sustainable. Whether you have square feet or acres, understanding ecosystem science and 
forest garden philosophy will prepare you to grow the most satisfying and sustainable garden 

This forest gardening weekend includes forest garden tours, lectures, discussions, planting 
demonstrations, and take-home resources.
Topics:-        Understanding forest ecology
-        Forest garden design exercises
-        Uses of forest garden plants
-        Polycultures (plants together)
-        Forest garden care and harvest
Course Fee: $295. Lunches with forest garden ingredients are included.
Time: 2 days, 8:30am – 4:30pm

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