Monday, July 11, 2011

My Ideal Place to Live

A thought provoking perspective from David Rauschenbach. I haven't read him enough to know how much of this is tongue-in-cheek, but I take it seriously...with a slight smile. Makes me think of my dear friend Vertis B.
I should like to go to bed, and sleep in perfect peace and security. And if a nuke should go off over my head in the middle of the night, I should think that I might stir a little, while dreaming about the foresight of my community, and with sadness about the ignorance and poverty of others who placed fear-mongers in charge of the whole mess. But then I should like to fall right back to sleep, knowing that my family can easily survive the fallout by taking a fast, if we are in practice, and by living through it like those Japanese nurses who only recently died at a ripe old age, in spite of all the radiation which had no effect on them, apparently for two main reasons. And I would ideally live through such times without any major lifestyle alteration, and especially without giving up any fear offering to anyone, because that would only perpetuate the whole mess, rather than steer a path through it.
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