Monday, July 25, 2011

Can Eating Local Cost Less?

I want good-for-me food that is affordable and delicious. And I want to be more connected with my food in a local or direct manner. This New Hope 360 Blog post asks some of the same questions I've had:

Can local farmers feed America, including people who make minimum wage and struggle already to put food on the table for their families? Or do we need to rely on mega players such as Walmart to make healthy food affordable? Is organic an “elitist preoccupation” (as one person recently told us)? Who are the leaders in helping to make healthy food affordable for and accessible to all?
I am almost pathologically frugal.  I love that Walmart is making real food affordable. The article also said:
We... explore ways farmers, manufacturers and retailers are working to make healthy food more affordable while also changing consumer perceptions that McDonald’s prices represent the real cost of food.
I am not embarrassed to say that I occasionally take advantage of McDonald's (or Wendy's) Dollar Menu while I'm on the road for work. $1 burgers provide the most calories for my dollar, tasty, and predictably mediocre. I never buy fries, and I drink my own water. I've long suspected that I cost them money, but I appreciate that they provide fast calories, very cheap! And obviously it is either a treat or a stop-gap, and not a routine meal solution. When I buy 'real' food I'm astonished at how much it costs.

In Resilient Communities there can be synergy between local production, human-oriented environments and transportation, and global networks that results in higher quality of life over all, even if some things are relatively more expensive than they would be in a dis-integrated community.  

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