Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Demand for high-end senior housing is 'elastic' - especially CCRC's

I just found this perspective (from last year) that links housing market woes to relative strength or weakness for the Continuing Care Retirement Communities in any particular region...
CCRCs and Problems: Much Ado About Likely, Very Little [click to read more]
A product that has seen its share of struggles in the economic downturn is entry-fee CCRCs.  To clarify, not all CCRC models are struggling and not even all entry-fee based CCRCs are struggling as certain regions have seen less housing market fall-out and concurrently, operators have done the right things to keep their census stable during the “down times”.  Where problems have cropped-up is in new primarily new, unstabilized developments, CCRCs in markets where housing sales are significantly depressed, and in larger suburban and urban market locations where options within the price range are plentiful.

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