Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Business framework for resilient communities

John Robb discusses markets that could be served by a business that creates a community structure:
* An already large and growing group of people that are looking for a resilient community within which to live if the global or US system breaks down (ala the collapse of the USSR/Argentina or worse). Frankly, a viable place to live is a lot better than investing in gold that may not be valuable (gold assumes people are willing to part with what they have).
* A larger and growing number of prospective students that want to learn how to build and operate resilient communities (rather than campus experiments and standard classroom blather).
* A large and growing group of young people that want to work and live within a resilient community. A real job after school ends.

Triangulating these markets yields the following business opportunity:

* The ability of prospective residents of resilient communities to invest a portion of their IRA/401K and/or ongoing contributions in the construction and operation of a resilient community...
* An educational program, like Gaia University's collaboration with Factor e Farm, that allows students to get a degree while building out a resilient community...
* A work study program that allows students of the University to pay off their student debt and make a living...

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